Youth Voice 
Brief: Design and develop the identity and website for a new section of charity St Basils.

Youth Voice is a division of the West Midlands based charity St Basils. St Basils work to prevent youth homelessness in and around Birmingham. Youth Voice is aimed at enabling young homeless people to have a voice in their society.

My role involved the design of the logo and other brand elements such as clothing. The design delivers an edgy, modern typographic aesthetic to the identity. The use of a strong typeface in combination with a bold colour-way gives this concept a fresh approach appealing to the 16-25 demographic. The broken, fragmented layout emphasises the idea of ‘coming together’ and additionally highlights that young people do have a voice; ‘You The Voice’. The logo I designed won Silver at 2017’s The Drum Network Cream Awards in the identity design category.

Awarded Silver at The Drum Network Cream Awards 2017
Nominated for The Drum Network Roses 2018


Client:  St Basils Charity
Agency:  One Black Bear
Graphic Design:  Rinesh Mistry
Art Direction:  Rinesh Mistry & Lee Bryan
Website Design:  Lee Bryan
Web Developer:  Dawn Taroni 

Website Design

2017 — Frogtown, Los Angeles

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