Set One Twenty Events
Brief: Design and develop the creative direction for Electronic music event hosts Set One Twenty.

Leeds based company Set One Twenty host a long running club night, specialising in ‘up and coming’ underground Electronic music acts. Events have been held in London, Leeds & previously Sheffield.

The varying design briefs to secure a unique brand feel to each event have enabled me to grow creatively and take a distinctive approach to each design.

For Set One Twenty I lead on most elements of design: posters, social media assets, flyers, banners, stickers, merchandise and more.


Client:  Set One Twenty
Graphic Design:  Rinesh Mistry
2D Animation: Rinesh Mistry
3D Animation:  Jimmy Jarvis

Previous Designs
Below: older and unused designs and concepts from prevoius Set One Twenty events. Many asthetics explored each with a bespoke style tailored for individual or series of events. 

Event Photography

2017 — Frogtown, Los Angeles

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