OHP Photography
Brief: Design the identity and promotional materials for photographer, Oscar Henderson-Pennington. In addition to producing a set of personal stationary taking into conisideration Oscars’ needs and interest within the profession.

Oscar Henderson-Pennington is a photographer with a keen interest within traditional and conventional photography that focuses on composition and lighting, but is always experimenting and pushing the boundaries with new and alternative image based technologies. Most of his practice is aimed at producing photographic sets and bodies of work, as opposed to stand alone images.

The design aims to be simple, effective and above all suitable for his professional needs. The geometric aspects of the logo-marks refer to the framing of a shot, something which is consistent even through different mediums for capturing images. 


Client:  Oscar Henderson Pennington Photography
Graphic Design:  Rinesh Mistry
Art Direction:  Rinesh Mistry & Oscar Henderson Pennington

2017 — Frogtown, Los Angeles

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